Medic Shaun

Hi, I am Shaun and I am a Student Emergency Medical Technician.

I am a FREC 4 qualified ECA working towards my FREuC 5. I am also qualified at Level 3 in Safe Administration of Life Saving Medication's, Level 4 Immediate Life Support and Level 3 Emergency Response Ambulance Driving.
I have my own full medical kit and medical gasses. 

What can I do?

I am to provide support in the capacity of an Emergency Care Assistant. I am fully respectful of each and every organisation's individual scope of practice policies and PGD's

Event Cover

Are you planning or sopprting an event? I can assist with and provide first aid / first response medical cover either as part of an existing team or by providing a small team of qualified and vetted clinicians.

Front Line, HDU & PTS

I am fully compliant and able to assist you with your existing contracts with the above position's. 

Free Uncertified Community Training

community is important to me and where I can I love to support my local community. I am able to offer uncertified free CPR & AED training to small groups.
Medic Shaun

About Me

My name is Shaun and I began my journey in pre hospital care just Prior to the Covid 19 pandemic. Prior to that I was working in the manufacturing industry as wire drawer.

I started by volunteering on the Frontline as a Community First Responder for North Northamptonshire.
As the pandemic told hold I was furloughed from work and found myself volunteering almost full time and quickly discovered I have a passion for pre hospital care.

After being made redundant from my full time job in 2021 I chose to re-invest in myself and undertook training to the level of Emergency Care Assistant FREC 4 with SAoLM and L3 CERAD.

I have now had experience of working in patient transport, high dependency transport, front line response and events.

I love what I do I hope that shows in my interactions with patient's.

I also hold certification for the following:
Conflict Resolution
Equality, Diversity and Human Rights - General Awareness
Fire Safety
Health, Safety and Welfare
Infection Prevention and Control - Level 1
Infection Prevention and Control - Level 2
Information Governance
Patient Moving and Handling
Prevent 2020
Privacy and Dignity
Resuscitation Level 1 2020
Resuscitation Level 2 – Adults
Resuscitation Level 2 – Paediatrics
Safeguarding Adults Level 1
Safeguarding Adults Level 2
Safeguarding Children Level 1
Safeguarding Children Level 2
Dementia Awareness
Duty Of Care
Learning Disabilities Awareness
Mental Health Awareness
Safeguarding Adults Level 3
Safeguarding Children Level
Equality, Diversity and Human Rights - Promoting Understanding

Day Rate Event


Upto 10 hrs then £14.00 hourly

    Please email to discus your needs.
Half Day Rate Events


upto 5 hrs

    Please email to discus your needs.


Rates dependant on position

    Please email to discus your needs.

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